The Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria (PSN) has warned the Federal Government on the dangers of moving drug matters from the exclusive list to the concurrent list of the Nigerian Constitution.

Under the 1999 constitution, drug matters are under the Executive list but a proposed amendment may see state legislative houses being empowered to make laws on drugs manufacturing and distribution.

In a communiqué issued by the PSN after its first national council meeting, warned against any attempt to place drug matters on the concurrent list because it will increase the dimensions of drug misuse and abuse, as well as other major aberrations in drug distribution endeavors.

According to the communiqué, which was jointly signed by the PSN President, Ahmed I. Yakasai and National Secretary, Emeka C. Duru, the meeting critically discussed matters in the pharmaceutical sector.

PSN commended the current administration in power for the constitutional reforms it has worked on, but drew particular attention to the proposed move of drug matters from the exclusive list (item 21 of Part I of the second schedule of the constitution).

It advised that the power to deal with drug issues should still be under the exclusive list, just like every federal constitution since independence, just like other responsible and sensitive countries.