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The Bitter Truth: A Walk Into The Hijab Controversy By Okocha Obed

There is always that appointed time when rules should be challenged. In the event that the rules birth injustice, then the best way to militate against such extant legislation is by civil disobedience. If there is one scribble worth penning, it remains the applauding activism of a moslem – Amasa Firdaus. It is no longer news that Firdaus, a law graduate from the University of Ilorin, was denied entry into the International Conference Centre situate at Abuja on the 13th day of December. read more

Living By The Rules; The Need For Preventive Safety In Petroleum Marketing In Nigeria By Akinoso Eniola

The need for access to their filling stations is incontestable. Periods of scarcity such as the present where demand is at staggering levels leads to decrease in standards that guarantee safety. Nigerians are throwing caution to the wind in actions that can and have already started backlashing with horrifying consequences. read more

Paul Usoro Replies Chidi Odinkalu Over Bribery Allegations

The rift between Prof. Chidi Odinkalu and Paul Usoro SAN seems to has taken a new turn following the write up by Prof. Odinkalu tittled ”The Nigerian Bar Association: Leadership, values and the future”. In a direct response of rebuttal to the write up which was concluded to be a direct attack on Paul Usoro, the learned silk replied, giving explanations on what warranted the giving of the so-called gift to Agbadu-Fishim J. read more

An Invitation To Civility: A Rejoinder To Inibehe Effiongs’ Submissions On The Hijab Saga – By Abdul Hasib Suenu

I have keenly observed Inibehe’s positions on social media, particularly his article published in the The Nigerian Lawyer blog on December 16, 2017 wherein he lashed out on the President of the Nigerian Bar Association for his view on the Hijab saga which led to the refusal to allow Fidaus Abdussalam Amasa to participate in the recent call to bar ceremony organised by the Body of Benchers/Nigerian Council of Legal Education. read more

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