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Jiti Ogunye: Is Nigeria’s National Assembly A Rational Assembly ?

When a legislature, a national assembly in a presidential system of government where there is a settled operation of the principle of separation of powers and checks and balances, starts combining with its constitutionally prescribed role the roles constitutionally assigned to the two other branches of government- the Executive and the Judiciary; a legislature supposedly occupied by knowledgeable men and women, one is left to wonder whether this is not a national embarrassment and disgrace instead of being a national assembly. read more

No-Work-No-Pay Policy V Right Of Workers To Industrial Action By Ikechukwu Nwakanma

The Federal Government of Nigeria on October 11, 2017 announced its resolution to enforce a “No Work No Pay Policy”. This resolution, though couched in the shape of a government policy, is in fact already contained in an existing law as encapsulated in Section 43 of the Trade Disputes Act, which though recognises the right of a worker to disengage from service where there is a breakdown in negotiation with his employer, but also provides a corresponding right to the employer to withhold the employee's wages for the said duration. read more

OP-ED: Is Corporate Law Dead?

Is Corporate Law Dead? Corporate Law is one thing; Corporate Governance is another. Corporate Law basically speaks to the law just as the title clearly suggests. Corporate Governance, on the other hand, transcends the law to finance, economics and even sociology. It is simply multidisciplinary. read more

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