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Babajide Damola: Merit and appointment of appellate justices

SIR: On its face, the Nigerian Constitution seems to grant serious discretionary powers to the executive over judicial appointments. For instance, section 238 (2) of the 1999 constitution simply provides, in respect of appointment of Justices of the Court of Appeal, that the “appointment of a person to the office of a Justice of the Court of Appeal shall be made by the President on the recommendation of the National Judicial Council.” Subsection 3 of the same section 238 prescribes the qualification of a person seeking appointment as a Justice of the Court of Appeal as follows:

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Directorate Of Public Prosecution And You

The DPP stands for Directorate Of Public Prosecution. It is manned by a Lawyer referred to as the Director Of Public Prosecution. This is the Directorate that spearheads criminal prosecution. Courtesy of our legal regime as ensconced in our Constitution of 1999 as amended, the Director Of Public Prosecutions inclusive of Law Officers(Law Officers are Lawyers in Public Service- Attorney General, Solicitor General, State Counsel of various grades, refer to the Law Officers Act, Laws Of The Federation Of Nigeria, 2004 for detailed provisions on this) who work with him are all under the Attorney General of the State or Federation.

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Ominous Grading System At The Nigerian Law School: ‘Tis Time We Stopped This Absurdity By Joseph Onele

Enough! How on earth will you be toying with people’s future, career progression and success stories? How do you manage to sleep at night knowing full well you just wrecked the ‘can-do-spirit’ of a diligent, highly-spirited and future-oriented Nigerian Law School Student? How on earth do you manage to pray (to God) to secure the future of your own children when you have been busy wrecking that of other people’s children?

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An Inquest Into The Decision In Bassey Etim Versus Senator Bassey Albert Akpan By Sylvester C. Udemezue

A breaking news in Nigeria`s news media[i] on 27 February 2017 came under the caption, “Court sacks Senator Bassey Akpan, orders refund of salary allowances received.” Several media houses carried the news report that a Federal High Court sitting in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria, had on the same day ordered the senator representing Akwa-Ibom North-East Senatorial Zone in the upper chambers of Nigeria`s National Assembly, Senator Bassey Akpan, to vacate his seat immediately.

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