The “Dancing Baby Case” And The Defence Of Fair Use/Dealing Under The Nigerian Law

Felicia Boyd, at an IP/ADR conference in Lagos late last year, mentioned the “Dancing Baby Case” [Lenz v. Universal Music Group (UMG)] which reminded me of an earlier discussion I had with a friend of mine on the subjective nature of the Fair Use doctrine using the same case.
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We Remain Strong, We Will Leave No One Behind

Dear colleagues,the latest development on the postponement of the election has given us more steam to keep pushing for a cause very dear to our heart.
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Law Awards Gala Set to Hold at the Lagos Campus of the Nigerian Law School August 17th

Law Awards Gala is an award event celebrating Lawyers and Law students in Nigeria who possess talents and have acquired skills alongside the pursuit of their law degrees.
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Condolence Message By Paul Usoro SAN To The People Of Rivers

My family and I, express our commiseration with the wife and family of the late Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice of Rivers State, Chief, Hon. Emmanuel Chinwenwo Aguma, SAN, the Port Harcourt Branch of the Nigeria Bar Association, and the good people and the Government of Rivers State, on the sad demise of their illustrious Son.
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As Verification Resumes ECNBA/Crenet Must Do The Following

Pursuant to Paragraph 7 of the Statement of the President of Nigerian Bar Association dated 6th of August 2018 postponing the verification, stating as follows “Upon collation of all data from the submitted forms, CRENET shall thereafter review and verify the details with support from the annual Practicing fees list, NBA Bar services Unit and Supreme Court records”
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Moremartson Regalia Introduces Five Premium Wig and Gown Products

Premium legal outfitters, Moremartson Regalia has announced the introduction of five new classes of legal outfits which come with various benefits.
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Should The Elevation Age to the Bench Be Pegged ? By: Abdulrasheed Ibrahim

We seem to live in a society where people are encouraged to play with their ages like the way children play with their toys. Most often when there are job vacancies and the qualification age is pegged, some people in their desperation to get the job will run to the court deposing to affidavits faking their ages.
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Legal Implications of the “Two-Thirds Majority Vote” Required To Successfully Remove The Head Of A Legislative House In Nigeria

Democracy is a system of rule by laws, not by individuals. In a democracy, the rule of law protects the rights of citizens, maintains order, and limits the power of government. All citizens are equal under the law and no one is above the law. All actions of public and private individuals are governed by law. No one may be discriminated against on the basis of their race, belief, religion, ethnic group, gender, or political interest, group or affiliation.
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Leadership By Example

Leadership is wrought with highs and lows, bright and dim days. Times are when the moments swell with an air of success and shone on by fortune's sun; yet at other times, challenges may whirl in like a storm or the bubble of many years' work prickled by a thorn of chance. Yet and in all these, a leader maintains the same comportment as when the organization was in great shape.
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The “Dancing Baby Case” And The Defence Of Fair Use/Dealing Under The Nigerian Law

Felicia Boyd, at an IP/ADR conference in Lagos late last year, mentioned the “Dancing Baby Case” [Lenz v. Universal Music Group (UMG)] which reminded me of an earlier discussion I had with a friend of mine on the subjective nature of the Fair Use doctrine using the same case.
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The Paul Usoro I Know By Oseghale L. Obaga

My first close encounter with Paul Usoro, SAN, left in me till this very moment, an indelible pictorial imprint reminiscent only of one of the scenes in Frederick Forsyth's books. It was in the Supreme Court of Nigeria, sometimes around April, 2015. As usual, the...
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Events And Judgements

Hiil Set to Host 2018 Lagos Innovating Justice Conference #LIJC2018

Everyone who faces a conflict or crime should have access to legal support that is effective, safe, understandable, affordable and perhaps most importantly, available when it's needed. Hiil has made it their mission that by 2030, 150 million people will be able to prevent or resolve their most pressing justice problems.
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Paul Usoro, SAN’s Interview With This day

PU: I don’t think the problem is with electronic voting or universal suffrage per se.The problem generally with elections is more often than not with its conduct and not the mode – electronic or manual.The problem also is not with suffrage – universal or restricted; it is, as I’ve already stated, with the conduct of the election.What I’m interested in knowing right now is the planned mechanics or processes for the NBA elections; it’s the mechanics that will tell us whether it’s tamper-proof or susceptible to manipulations and/or human errors.Until we hear from the ECNBA on these processes and mechanics, I cannot really comment on the integrity of the electronic voting.
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Looking Back at the NBA-SBL Conference and the Training for Young Lawyers by Tobi Lawalson

The training was educative and every young lawyer interested in business law should strive to attend subsequent trainings and the next NBA-SBL Conference.
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YouTube Set To Release “Copyright Match” Tool to Protect Initial Uploaders

YouTube will release a new tool to help initial uploaders take action against those who duplicate and re-upload their content without permission. Copyright Match, which will be available to high-traffic users initially, will alert users to new uploads of their work while allowing them to take a range of actions, including communicating with the uploader or taking content down.
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Purported Breach of Contract: Foreign Court rejects Nigeria’s request to Revoke N2.7 trillion fine

The District Circuit Court in Washington DC has dismissed Nigeria’s request for it to set aside its $8.9billion arbitration award against Nigeria over alleged breach of contract. The court presided over by Justice Christopher Cooper said the request was denied not only on ground that it was belated, but also that it sought the dismissal of the petition for the enforcement of the award. A government legal team led by the Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Abubakar Malami, left Nigeria on Wednesday morning to Washington DC to attempt to get the court to set aside the award against Nigeria.
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