Divorce will cost you.

It will cost you money. Good money.

Mr Ade has been led to believe he can divorce his wife whom he legally married under the Act by simply deposing to an affidavit. Mr Ade is grossly mistaken.

Only a court of law can dissolve such a marriage. And it is immaterial that his wife does not care or will not show up in court. Mr Ade still has to come to lead evidence to prove the facts contained in his petition for divorce.

Mr Ade will have to employ the services of a lawyer and pay his professional fees. He will pay his appearance fees. He will pay filing fees. He might also pay for logistics.

Divorce will cost you.

It will cost you your honor and prestige.

Mrs Eze has been led to believe only interested parties in the petition for dissolution of marriage filed by her husband would be present during hearing of the case. Mrs Eze is grossly mistaken.

Party faithfuls from the lettered to street urchins who are in court for an electoral matter; family members of a man accused for murder, and secondary school students on excursion, and a host of the unknown others may all be seated at the gallery when the case of Mr Eze and Mrs Eze would be called. Matrimonial causes matters are rarely heard in camera.

Divorce will cost you.

It will cost you your name. And public records will not forget.

Mr Danjuma has been led to believe he doesn’t have to appear to defend himself in the petition for dissolution of marriage filed by Mrs Danjuma, who is alleging adultery. Yes, he cannot be compelled to file an answer to the petition or forced to be represented at all, but that comes at a huge cost.

All the damaging facts and evidence led by embittered Mrs Danjuma will find their way to public records. God help Mr and Mrs Danjuma if law reports publishers take interest in their case. That case may forever be cited by lawyers and law students as judicial precedents, with the facts of the case copiously cited.

Divorce will cost them.

It will cost the children of the parties the warmth, affection, and balanced upbringing of both parents. It will cost them trust. It will cost them love. It will cost them a sound and stable world view. Except they find grace to Break away from years of grief and dissafection.

A parent may win their affection now and poison their mind against the other parent. A parent may be granted custody, and the other compelled to support them financially. Nevertheless, they would realise that those who told them there is any good in divorce have done them much evil.

Divorce will cost us.

It will cost us a sound value system. It will cost us a harmoinous personal life and peaceful family life. It will cost us leaders that are selfless in thinking and sacrificial in doing. It will cost us men and women who love humans and use things, and replace with men and women who use humans and embrace mammon.

Divorce is costing us.

That is why if the Foundation is destroyed, even the righteous will suffer loss. That is why if marriage is entered thougtlessly and flippantly, the labour of fools will weary tme.

That is why the One who knows the end from the beginning, who knows the desperate wickedness in the heart of every pretentious human, and who knows the very essence and purpose of marriage must be involved

From the very beginning.

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