Lawyard is a legal media and services platform that provides enlightenment and access to legal services to members of the public(individuals and businesses) while also availing lawyers of needed information on new trends and resources in various areas of practice.

Whilst the platform started out with publishing legal essays contributed by lawyers within and outside Nigeria, Lawyard presently has various outputs such as the Lawyard Quarterly Journal (an electronic journal with top quality essays and interviews), the Lawyard Directory (a digital interface that provides connection services to members of the public seeking legal services), and the Lawyard Dialogue (an interactive show published on YouTube).

Relatedly, Lawyard hosts offline engagements when necessary. In November 2019, Lawyard hosted the Lawyard Symposium on Privacy and Data Protection was organised in honour of recently demised Lawyard co-founder, Adavize Alao alongside a nationwide essay competition for young lawyers and law students.


The intention is to create a content platform around relevant systems of law and to enable quick, easy and seamless learning through a dynamic and interactive interface.Related Posts:MIRANDA RIGHTS IN NIGERIAN CRIMINAL JURISPRUDENCEFG’s Executive Order 10 Will Destroy Criminal Justice – WikeA REFORMATORY APPROACH TO THE CRIMINAL JUSTICE…


Lawyard is anticipated to operate as a seeming hybrid of a legal encyclopedia and a social media platform.Related Posts:INSIGHTS: MY VISION AND MISSION FOR THE NBA – DELE…


News updates on trials, mock trials, conferences, fellowships for Lawyers/Law students, amendments on laws, new laws and offences, Forums, Groups and Pages for schools, regions/states, specialities etc.