Unless something is done urgently, the Nigerian state will not stop going in circle any time soon. Sadly, that has been her lots for decades.

Why? Rogue politicians have continued to find their ways to power and determine her fate. Rogue politicians preside over Nigeria, particularly in this current 8th National Assembly.

Pray, what manner of selfless or progressive legislations will ever proceed from a legislature presided over by rogues? Save for few individuals here and there, the rogues in the executive offices (LG Chairmen, Governors & Presidency) too are not particularly different from their cousins in the legislatures across the land.

Yet, when rogue politicians preside over the affairs of a nation, particularly in her legislature, such a nation becomes a disaster in motion. The nation becomes a rogue state where the rich become richer and the poor become poorer at an alarming rate and with each day that passes. When rogue politicians preside over the affairs of a nation, everything except themselves suffer.

Moral fabrics of the nation is destroyed as dignity of labour and integrity vanish. Students in schools, the supposed leaders of tommorrow, become less or totally unmotivated to see values in knowlege as they shift their focus only on wealth without work or labour.

The schools, the hospitals, the roads and other facilities will all become luxuries instead of common amenities. Worse, wages of workers, the meagre wages, become the victims of greedily ravenous rogues, as such wages are left unpaid or half-paid in towers. I mean with rogue politicians in power, everything suffers.

At our return to democracy in 1999, particularly with the jumbo pay (gbemu) everywhere at the time, it was thought that the long wiped out middle class will soon be restored. Alas, it is 18 years after and the divides have continued to be between the upper class and the lower class alone. Worse, the gulf has even become wider and deeper. The rogues are cornering everything for themselves and families alone. They spare little or no thoughts for the poor. For the lower class.

Let’s forget all the pretentions about CHANGE and simply admit that the more things look different the more the remain the same. Obviously, President Buhari is at least overwhelmed, if not actually weak. What can a single or few sheeps do in the midst of ravenous wolves? At the rate that we are going now, one day, the poor will wake up and there will be nothing for them to do than to attack and anihilate the rich. If they ever wake up to do that, they will stand to lose nothing but their chains. Will they ever wake up? Will WE ever wake up?

Saudi Arabia just did the unthinkable in her anti-coruption drives or as it is called. Who will ever touch the untouchable rogues of Nigeria who have been mentioned or fingered in the Panama, Paradise and other Leaks and scandals? Sadly, nobody will ever touch them, at least for now. They are the law makers and are always above the law. They are the executives against whom the law cannot be executed. They are the rogues who have found their ways into power to preserve their class and loot.

Nigeria shall be free. However, only with righteousness will she ever exalt. By righteousness, i do not mean religiosity! I mean Godliness. I mean spirituality. I mean morality. I mean business centres replacing worship centres. I mean rule of law that brooks no favourtism or nepotism or parochialism. I mean purposefulness. Great nations are built and not born.

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