Side: Do you know that yearly, a household has the potential to produce one TONNE of waste? That aside, the more important question is, where do these go to?

It is a new year and the common practice is to have resolutions! Try to make all things as new as possible because nobody does the same old things and gets new results as the popular adage goes right? The problem with this newness is what is the impact of our quest to make all things new?

Have you stopped to think amidst the new year resolutions that not all things should be new but what exists should be converted for a new or continuous purpose? This is the core of recycling.

I remember how growing up and even until recently, I had the belief that recycling was within the exclusive preserve of some big company with sophisticated machinery. I have however come to learn that is not entirely the case.

Recycling is the process of converting what would have amounted to waste to good use; this could be the continuous use for the same purpose or the conversion of a thing for a new purpose. What can be recycled varies from glass, paper, and cardboard, metal, plastic, tires textiles, electronics, food waste, to clothing and almost anything!

The planet daily faces poor treatment by a majority of the human race, resulting in a reduction in the quality of the environment. Even the dirtiest of humans will be worried that he or she gets no housekeeping done so why is it that many do not consider the planet which is the platform upon which we exist as well deserving of intentional housekeeping? That is, minding every step we take in our use of the planet and ensuring that we do not put the earth at risk in our decisions and interactions with it.

The Guardian in its view on recycling aptly notes that the three steps to saving the planet are;

1. Use Less

2. Re-use



1. Recycling fosters innovation. It pushes the mind to think of innovative ways to put waste to good use.

2. Recycling helps to ensure that landfills do not run out of space.

3. Recycling reduces pollution. It keeps the environment clean.

4. It creates job opportunities.

5. Recycling saves money. You also make money when you recycle as you may sell recycled products or make money selling waste to recycling companies.

6. Protects animals especially sea creatures.

7. Recycling saves the planet.


1. Reduce your use of everything essentially! Lol. Use just what you need.

2. Flee from plastic convenience and compulsion! Especially the pet drinks. Reuse plastic as often as possible and ultimately, cut them loose (avoid plastic like a plague).

3. Have a water bottle and a food pack with you always…(or as many times as possible…take out containers are a menace to the environment)

4. Go shopping with your carrier bags! Ditch the plastic shopping bags, our environment can not deal with them.

5. Patronize the thrift shops…not every time new!

6. Recycle everything ! Anything! All things! You don’t have to be a company to do this…recycling fosters innovation.

7. Save the planet! Reduce, Reuse, RECYCLE!

 Before you bin it, stop and think; what more can I do with you? You will be shocked at the many things you can do with your “waste”.

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