Anidugbe Oluwatobi Daniel, also known as Kiss Daniel has been sued by the management of G-Worldwide Entertainment for allegedly breaching a 7-year management contract signed in 2013.

The artiste had recently left G-Worldwide Entertainment to the adulation of many of his fans.

The alleged breaches consist dealing with organizations and individuals with his stage name, which is still owned by G-Worldwide Entertainment; agreeing to perform singles from two of his latest albums which are also parts of the properties of G-Worldwide by virtue of the 2013 contract; starting his label, FlyBoi Entertainment, which they considered illegal; getting a new management when he still has an ongoing contract with them.

In a statement of reply, Kiss Daniel’s solicitors reveal that G-Worldwide went behind the artiste to apply for an injunction to restrain him but the Federal Governement did not approve the record label’s application because, according to the statement, they saw through the deceit of G-Worldwide Entertainment.

According to his solicitors, Kiss Daniel formally terminated his contract with G-Worldwide Entertainment Ltd via a letter dated 30th of October, 2017. The termination was said to have been done in compliance with the provisions of the Recording Contract between the parties.

Tayo Fabusiwa is a Student of Law, a Legal Writer, as well as an Illustrious Researcher.

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