The way some so called nominees are seemingly campaigning for this NBA presidency is really irritating,the position has been reduced to petty politicking where nominees adorn themselves in wazobia clothing rather than discuss ideas and future projections.

NBA Annual General ConferenceA doctor recently insulted the legal profession in my presence with the catch phrase ” pepper and tomato profession” and the reason isn’t farfetched.

We are in a profession without a minimum wage structure,we are in a profession where young people practice from their car booths and court libraries,we are in a profession where a receptionist,hairdresser and bricklayer get better pay than a new wig in many firms,we are in a profession where most new wigs avoid the topic “how much do you collect” like a plague when discussing with professionals from the medical field and other professional fields.

In the midst of all these the priority of some of our NBA presidential nominees is to adorn themselves in wazobia clothing like mainstream politicians,how long before we see them eating corn in NBA meetings,barbing and plaiting the hair of lawyers and perhaps wheeling crippled NBA members to score cheap points.

The pride of this profession has been mortgaged at the altar of pepper and tomato politicking,we have more nominees who want to dance like DAVIDO’s uncle than those addressing the pains of this profession(especially that of new wigs).

There are several new wigs who are clueless as to directions in the profession, they are thrown into the legal labour market with no structure where they are forced to do the unpredictable just to be called “successful lawyer” later.

Leadership at the NBA should be issue based and not how to clothe, dance and rap your way into the heart of young lawyers especially .

Gone are the days when you win elections by clothing yourself in wazobia apparels and showing us you dance better than Chris brown, we are wiser now.

The invasion by mainstream politics into the NBA through degrading gimmicks should end, we need thorough and TRUTHFUL professionals not wannabe AYO FAYOSEs.

I am Femi Njoku Esq the “TEACHER”.

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