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Limitation Of Action: Lost Time Might Not Be Gone Forever – An Analysis Of The Decision In Sifax Nig Ltd V Migfo Nig Ltd By Onyemauche Ibezim

In the first section of this work, the author explains the meaning of an action vis-à-vis a cause of action and how the Court determines a reasonable cause of action which includes amongst others the documents which the Court looks at to determine whether a Plaintiff has a reasonable cause of action and the consequences of commencing an action without reasonable cause of action. read more

Third Party Ownership In Football By Eribake Ayomide

Third party ownership of players is whereby private investors, it can be an individual, company, or fund, own part of a player’s economic rights. It is also the agreement between a club and a third party, normally an investment fund, whereby the investor acquires, for a fee, a percentage of the future fee related to the transfer of a player between two clubs. TPO can also mean a situation whereby a third party, rather than a football club, benefits  read more

Tax Series by Eniola – Taxation of E-Commerce

The average Nigerian is a wary human. There abides an inherent distrust in any venture that involves parting with any form of capital, much less, taxes. To the average Nigerian, the government breaks things – promises, their hearts and the social contract, there is no direct benefit of paying taxes and the unrelenting way that taxes are perpetually demanded and extracted from their friends who are in the tax net is absolutely frightful and unenviable. read more

Atiku Should be Nigeria’s Next President – Olisa Agbakoba SAN

Former President of the Nigerian Bar Association, NBA, and foremost pro-democracy activist, Dr Olisa Agbakoba, has said that former Vice President, Alhaji Abubakar was the right man to win the 2019 presidential election. Agbakoba told the Sun that what Nigeria needed was a good president irrespective of where he comes from. Agbakoba who is also the leader of the National Intervention Movement, NIM, pointed out that he couldn’t have bothered if Buhari continued as President so long as he (Buhari) was doing what is right. read more

Restructuring: Agenda for the next National Assembly! By Abdulrazaq Magaji  

In the absence of a widely-accepted alternative, it is best to stick to the word, restructuring, that loosely-mouthed word in our recent political lexicon which some see as the cure-all elixir to purge Nigeria of all ills. General Sani Abacha did not use the word restructuring when he convoked the National Constitutional Conference in 1994. But, from what he had in mind, the late Head of State could have unknowingly restructured the country if the outcome of Confab ’94 saw the light of day. read more

Ivie Omoregie: Homosexuality and the Nigerian Factor

A few weeks ago over 50 Nigerian men were arrested by the Nigerian Police Force, under section 4 of the Same Sex Marriage (Prohibition) Act, 2014. In a video that went viral, we see a young man, James Obialor, contesting the validity of his arrest. Many found the boy’s choice of grammar amusing, others were amused by the surrounding facts of the case – as homosexuality and the Nigerian factor was raised. read more

Port Reformation And Maritime Security In Nigeria By Zainab Olamide Dunmoye

About 70% of the Earth’s resources are underneath the sea and in most cases are left untapped. Carrying out economic activities associated with the sea, ocean and coastal zones without effective and secure ports will be futile as ports are critical to a state’s performance in the maritime industry as they serve as catalysts for economic growth and development. For an effective maritime sector there needs to be not only ports reformation but also proper security in the maritime domain to prevent crimes such as pirate attacks, sea robbery, kidnapping and other related crimes. read more

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