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The Existing Abortion Law: An Overview of the Nigerian Legislation by Chikamso Ononuju

Abortion law gives rise to either the permission, restriction or prohibition of abortion. The concept of abortion is very wide, giving rise to controversial topics and opinions on the subject matter. Abortion has been made illegal in many jurisdictions as over 25% of the world’s population live in countries with highly restrictive abortion laws, mostly in Latin America, Asia and Africa. read more

Reasons Why Young Lawyers Must Attend the ‘CREATE YOUR FUTURE’ Workshop – GreySage Consulting

As the legal profession welcomes an influx of new starry-eyed wigs estimated at about 4,000 every year, their chances of securing juicy opportunities in existing law firms are few and far between. The labour shortfall in addition to the worrisome number of disillusionment among young lawyers is a burden that GreySage Consulting, a Lagos-based legal seeks to bear. read more

Exploring The Freedom Of Information Act, 2011 As A Tool For Holding Government And Public Institutions Accountable By Henry Chibuike Ugwu

How much does a Nigerian senator earn as monthly salary? What are the allowances such a senator is entitled to? How many Nigerians know the amount of money spent on the health of the President annually? Can you state with certainty the total amount of money recovered from corrupt public officials so far by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC)? read more

Of CBN, Skye Bank and Corporate Restructuring By Olayanju Phillips And Umar-Faruq Hussain.

On 21st September 2018, the same week that bankers and regulators across the world were examining the lessons learnt from the Lehman Brothers’ collapse a decade after and the challenges ahead, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) withdrew the operating license of Skye Bank Plc and mandated that its assets and liabilities be taken over by Polaris Bank read more

The Place for “Kick-Backs” & “Bribes” in our Efforts to Kick Back Corruption & Kick-Start Responsible Governance in Nigeria By Sylvester Udemezue

It appears from recent happenings in the Nigerian legal and political space that while a section of our leaders does not see any distinction between “kickbacks” and “bribes” for purposes of determining criminal responsibility in corruption cases, another section believes that the latter is clearly distinguishable from the former. In defence of the former school of thought, the incumbent Commissioner for Rural and Community Development in Kano State, Nigeria, Alhaji Musa Iliyasu-Kwankwaso, recently declared as follows:[i] read more

Buhari’s “Certificate Saga” Versus Atiku’s “Corruption Toga:” Time To Listen To George Santayana Is Now by Sylvester Udemezue

Ebun-Olu Adegboruwa is an inimitable rule of law advocate, human rights crusader and distinguished constitutional lawyer in Nigeria. But, one major thing that stands Mr Adegboruwa out among his ilk is his pluckiness and unswerving tenacity to stand up to call a spade by its name, at all material times, no matter whose ox is gored. I have read a legal opinion, credited to the fiery legal luminary, but which came off as a Press Release dated 27 October 2018, and titled, “Why Buhari doesn’t need WAEC certificate to contest in 2019. read more

Revisiting consumer protection framework in Nigeria by Oladotun Gbolagunte & Aaron Olajide

Nigeria has risen rapidly to become the leading destination for Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) in Africa. As at 2012, FDI in Nigeria stood at about $8 billion, which represented about 15% of the total FDI received in Africa; this also amounts to about 25% of the country’s GDP as it utilizes the myriad of available natural resources to woo investors from different parts of the world. In the first quarter of 2018, FDI in Nigeria increased by 808.56 USD Million, with an average of 1298.48 USD Million from 2007 to 2018. read more

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