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Strengthening Nigeria’s Democracy, True Federalism And The Freedom Of The Common Man’s Last Hope By Obaloluwa Adeleke

Government, as we have come to know it today amongst other things exists to ensure the realisation of societal values such as protection of rights, preservation of  lives, maintaining law and order, and providing basic human and social amenities, to name a few. However, the government itself must be protected so as to safeguard against it (government) destroying the values it was originally set up to protect. read more

There is No Legal Requirement for Permission to Leave One NBA Branch for Another – Mazi Afam Osigwe

I read with great amusement views expressed in a piece published by a blog by certain individuals who passed themselves off as Leaders of the Unity Bar claiming that I was still a member of the branch. The write up was so hilarious I had to read it a second time to comprehend the frail attempt by these individuals to express self-serving opinions masqueraded as truth. read more

Paul Usoro: The Nigerian Legal Profession Needs More Mentorship

Without intending to downplay or diminish the need for reasonable remuneration and welfare packages for young lawyers, I believe that what young lawyers need the most is mentorship in law practice. Mentorship, by the way, is not synonymous with pupillage. Pupillage, properly defined, is a mandatory pre-qualification process whereas mentorship is generally voluntary and without any defined and agreed pecuniary compensation for the mentor and/or mentee. read more

Paul Usoro: Pupillage will not solve the Problem of the Welfare of Young Nigerian Lawyers

Paul Usoro is one of Nigeria’s leading lawyers, with industry-leading expertise in commercial and telecommunications law. In the fourth part of a series of articles, he tackles the issue of welfare for young practitioners in the legal profession, the structural problems fuelling it and set out a range of proposals the Nigerian Bar Association should consider in order to alter the status quo, read more

REFLECTIONS:Contributing Factors (II): Imperatives of Strategic Planning by Law Firms – Paul Usoro SAN

There are several other underlying factors that affect the economic circumstances of lawyers generally and make it difficult sometimes for Firms to honour their financial obligations including paying reasonable remuneration to junior colleagues. One such underlying factor is lack of knowledge or understanding by most lawyers of the need for strategic planning. read more

The Constitution (4th Alteration Act) And The Misery Of The 8th Assembly By Barr. Evans Ufeli

Sometimes in July 2017 the Nigerian Senate voted to amend some salient provisions of the country’s Constitution. This concern stemmed out of the obvious contradictions that our constitution has increasingly become unworkable in recent times. It is therefore believed that an urgent amendment is required as part of the restructuring plan of the country. read more

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