Two court registrars attached to an Igbosere High Court may have landed in trouble for issuing production warrant for a suspect without the order of a court.

The registrars simply called Tayo and Oluwole, issued the production warrant in respect of one Tunde Adewale, for hearing of his bail application, despite that the substantive matter is not before the court.

The trial judge, Justice Sybil Nwaka, before whom the case of Adewale came up, was livid with anger that the registrars issued production warrant without her knowledge and an order of the court.

The judge threatened to send the duo away from the court.

He queried the registrars for bringing the defendant before her on their own without an order of the court.

“It is only the judge that has the right to order a production warrant, the substantive matter is not in this court”, she said.

“The two of you are up to something, my hands are clean, everyday is for the thief but one day is for the owner”, she said.

The judge declined to hear the bail application of Adewale. Instead, she struck out the application, insisting that she didn’t order the production of the defendant.

She noted that the substantive matter was not even before her and that she did not know the charge preferred against the defendant.

“I don’t even know the charge against him, it’s only the bail application that is brought before me, you signed a reproduction warrant on your own without my knowledge. I am going to send the two of you away from this court” Justice Nwaka said.

The judge ordered that the defendant be returned to Kirikiri Medium Prison custody from where he was brought before the court.

“The motion for bail is hereby struck out; take him back to the medium prison, I never ordered for his production”, she instructed.

Tayo Fabusiwa is a Student of Law, a Legal Writer, as well as an Illustrious Researcher.

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