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Incorporate a Limited Liability Company as a legal entity that is effectively recognized under the law and permitted to operate and do business in Nigeria by virtue of the Companies And Allied Matters Act .

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Business Name refers to the name or style under which any business is carried on the provisions of Nigeria’s Companies and allied matters Act (CAMA).

This is registered under PART B OF CAMA. It may be a partnership or a sole proprietorship.

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NFPOS (Not for profits)

Incorporated trustees are non – business and non – profit making organizations.

They are formed to facilitate acquisition of corporate personality by a community of persons bound together by customs, religion, kinship or nationality or any association of persons established for any religious, educational, literary, scientific, social, development, cultural, sporting or charitable purpose. Click here to get started.



This is direct investments by investors in Nigeria.  The investors may or may not have already existing company in their home country.  In either case, a Nigerian company must be formed and registered in Nigeria (unless the company is exempted).


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